Click “Create Ticket.”

Log in to your Frontline account, click “Create Event,” click “Edit Events” from the dropdown list, click “Action” for the event listing you’d like to create a ticket for, choose “Edit”, select “Tickets” under “Event Information” and click the “Create Ticket” button. 


Enter the details under “Add Ticket.”

  • Category — Choose the category “complimentary.”
  • Title — Choose a ticket title e.g., Guest Pass.
  • Quantity — Enter the number of complimentary tickets to be delivered.
  • Email— Enter the email of the recipient.


Click “Send.” 


All Tickets

All Tickets — To view all tickets for all events, click “Tickets” in the main menu, select “All Tickets,” and click the “Eye icon” under “Action” to view all the ticket details, e.g., event name, quantity, price, ticket type, sales channel, sold amount, sold quantity, serial number, purchaser name and whether ticket QR code has been checked.