Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Help Center for more information.

Q. How do I set up an account with Frontline Ticketing?

Go to Select “Organizer” if you will be planning events or “User” if you will be attending events, then enter the requested details. Find specific steps by visiting our Help Center.

Q. How much does it cost to use Frontline?

Frontline's service fees: 8.5% of the ticket price + 1.49 USD per paid ticket. Learn more by visiting our Terms of Use.

Q. Can Frontline Ticketing be used for free events?

Yes, Event Organizers will not be charged to use Frontline if they're not charging for tickets! Frontline has no monthly charges, registration costs, or setup fees. However, if you're charging for ticket sales, we do charge a service fee (see the previous question).

Q. How do I accept ticket payments through Frontline?

You can accept online card payments for your event through Frontline's payment gateway-enabled platform. We make it easy for you to track and charge your events online and in-app! Learn more by visiting our Help Center.

Q. Who qualifies as a Team Member?

A Team Member is someone tasked with welcoming attendees to an event. Their primary duties are scanning ticket QR codes and checking in patrons on the guest list.

Q. How do I receive my payout after an event?

Once you register for an Organizer account with Frontline Ticketing, you must enter your financial information.

Login to the website and click on dashboard (not available on mobile app), scroll to Financial Information and click on the tab.

You will be asked to input your financial information. learn more by going to our Organizer policy.

Q. How do I receive a refund through Frontline Ticketing?

Login to your account and click on the "My ticket tab", simply follow the steps to generate a refund request.

Refunds are approved by the Event Organizer. Review our Refund Policy to learn more.

Q. How to create a team member

Login to your account either on the website or through the mobile app, on the dashboard scroll to scanning team.

On the website click on add team member and follow the steps.

On the mobile app you will see a + on the top right-side corner, click on it and follow the steps.

Q. How to scan a ticket

Scan your tickets is a simple process:

Download our app on Google Store Click Here. or Apple Store Click Here

On your manage event page you will see a scanning code. Copy and paste the code into the scanning app and you are ready to scan.

Click on the QR icon on the lower right corner of the app to enable your camera.

Click on the notebook icon next to the dashboard icon, here you can search the attendees by email or name to check them in manually.

You have a Complimentary and Guest Check In.

Just added our reentry feature, take a pic of your guest who wants to exit the event and check then back in on reentry.

Login and explore all the great features.

Q. How to login to my Buyer account

If this is your first time accessing your account, follow these steps:

Login to your account using your email used at purchase and click on reset password.

Please check your email inbox or spam folder for your reset password link.

The link expires after a 10min duration, simply follow the steps.

Q. Buyers account

In your buyers account you can access:

Your tickets.

Access to upgrade your ticket(s)

Generate a refund.

Access your event(s) you saved as your favorite(s).

Q. Can I transfer my ticket

Frontline Ticketing does not have a function to transfer ticket to another individual on the platform.

However, a helpful tip is, you can transfer your ticket by sending a screenshot of the QR code.

Frontline Ticketing is not responsible for this action.

Q. How to avoid a chargeback

Make sure in the event description section when creating your event, you put as much relevant information as possible.

Make sure to display the location of your event.

In your ticket description input the time doors open, time doors close and the time the event ends.

Display an age disclaimer in your event description and ticket description.

Be transparent with your buyers to avoid misinformation.

Use your social media platform(s) to keep your buyers informed.

Use the email platform located in the attendee's tab to keep your buyers informed.

Q. Who pays the fees for chargebacks

When a chargeback dispute is generated, the funds are automatically removed from the organizers account by the payment processor (PayPal, Payment Cloud).

A processing fee is attached to every chargeback dispute, this is also generated automatically by the payment processor.

Frontline Ticketing does not have the capability to waive, disrupt, or stop any of the above mentioned.

Q. Does Frontline Ticketing store credit and debit card information.

Frontline Ticketing does not store any debit/credit card information.

By federal law, Frontline Ticketing has to use an approved payment processor. This processor stores all your financial information.

Q. Can Frontline Ticketing see my financial information.

For Buyers: By federal law, Frontline Ticketing does not have any access to view any personal financial information such as but not limited to, credit/debit card information, SSN information.

Q. Who has to pay taxes

By federal law, any organizer who is a US citizen, green card holder or the name on the bank account used to deposit the funds of your event that generates sales of over $600 must submit their EIN or SSN information.

Q. Why should I follow an organizer

By clicking on the follow tab, anytime the organizer publishes an event you will be notified via email. This way you get any deals the organizer has to offer.

Q. How to change the date / time on an event

Login to your account.

Click on manage your event.

On the right side of your screen, you will see 3 dots the has the label "more actions".

Click on the dots and you will see the tab to update your date and time and many more functions.

Q. Does Frontline Ticketing offer door management

Frontline ticketing has door management.

Our door management staff consist of a manager and scanning team members.

They are well trained professionals that can maneuver through our app to solve any issue that a buyer trying to gain access to the event might encounter.

To find out more on pricing and availability please email us at [email protected]

Q. Does frontline Ticketing offer Marketing

Frontline ticketing has avenues for you to explore for marketing your event.

We have our banner display which is located on the home page or our website, it gives visibility to your event and easy access to buyers for purchasing a ticket by clicking on the ticket tab.

We can display your event on our digital billboard (This is located in Trinidad).

We can boost your event on our social media platforms.

To learn more please email us at [email protected]

Q. A private event

By creating your event and enabling the private function, your event will not be displayed on our home screen page.

You will have to manually send your event link to buyers.

Q. Can I disable a complimentary ticket

Login to your account and click on dashboard.

Scroll to attendees and click on the tab.

Search for the event the person is going to attend and search for the person email.

Click on view ticket, there you will see the enable and disable function.

This function is only located on the website.

Q. Organizers: Where do I go to generate a refund

Login to your account and click on dashboard.

Scroll to attendees and click on the tab.

Search for the event the buyer is going to attend and search for the buyer's name or email. (We suggest searching for the buyer's email, since 2 persons can have the same name but not the same email).

Under the "more action" tab click on generate refund.

Q. When can I use the guest list

The guest list can be used at any time.

Login to your account and click on dashboard on the website, you can also login to the mobile app and click on event, at the footer of the app you will see the icon that says guest list.

When you add a guest, you can also leave a note, the information populates in real time and will alert the team member with a notification that a guest has been added, the guest can then be checked in manually by clicking checked in.

We know this will make any organizer extremely happy.